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About Us

What we stand for

Our Values

At Appickx we believe that any company can become data driven. With the right step-by-step approach anything is possible.

Increasing your data & analytics maturity is not only a matter of hiring data analysts. Your systems and processes need to be digitally mature as well. Talent within your company needs to be trained and the mindset of all employees needs to be aligned with the vision. To achieve this, we always build on four pilars: people first, step-by-step, pragmatism and openness & honesty.


People First

Organizations exist out of people. We make your people part of the change from day one.


Improving data & analytics maturity is not done overnight. We value clear milestones and guide you step-by-step.


No-nonsense, that’s how we roll.

Open & honest

We want to build partnerships with our clients, based on mutual trust and open feedback.


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