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Multi-faceted experience and business expertise

At Appickx we combine in depth technical knowledge, analyticical skill and business acumen. Bringing all of these capabilities together allows us to guide you in every step of your data & analytics transformation.

We mean business

Value. That’s where it’s all about. We can make fancy slides or beautiful dashboards but in the end, the only thing that matters is the value we create together with you.


Data Scan

Curious how mature your business currently is in terms of data & analytics? Discover it here!


Business Transformation

Making the transition towards a data-driven business comes with many challenges. We help you with each step.


External Data Gathering

We developed a tool to help you gather external data, useful to your company. Gather data in no time.


Start planning for a bright future for your company

Being able to capture new streams of data inherent to your business processes or finding the right external data sources. Having the human & technical capabilities to analyze that data. Nurturing the mindset of being truly data-driven.
Transformation has a lot of aspects and if you want to make it stick, you have to tackle all of them. Together, we can make that happen.